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The show is up and running, pending weather.  Join our Facebook Group for updates.

We are often asked ‘why do you do this?’ We have asked ourselves just this question, particularly after spending weeks working on the display from early morning until dusk and then only having the energy to eat and go to bed.

This question is easily answered when we remember the following:

  • The little girl with the look of awe in her eyes, asking if you know Santa. 
  • The lady who rings the doorbell to ask what time the lights come on because she has taken her mother out of the nursing home to see the lights. To this we always reply “now” 
  • Remembering the times the local retirement community brought their residences out to see the lights and they gave you applause and expressed how grateful they were to see the display and hear the music. Then you realize three of the residences are wearing WWII Veteran hats… we are the ones humbled and thankful now. 
  • When two little girls that have made you homemade cookies and also made a thank you card.
  • The lady who tells you she brought her sister who wanted to see the lights one last time, and then finding out she has Stage 4 cancer.
  • The lady that shares with us that she tells her patients and their parents about our display.  After a little more conversation I found out she is a pediatric hospice nurse.
  • The couple that came by to say they would not be out this year because their terminally ill child passed away but wanted to thank us for giving them a little escape the past two Christmases' 
  • And even when the prim and proper great grandmother asks how long does it take to setup?  Her response after you tell her, "No S#%T". 

All these remembrances and more are why we do it!

This is our Christmas gift to you.


We live on a cul-de-sac where there is very limited parking and maneuverability.  As a courtesy to  our neighbors, we strongly recommend parking on Oceanwalk Drive West, which is a short walk down to the end of our street. You can listen to the music through our speakers until 10:00.

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