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How do you ......

How am I able to hear the music in my car?

We have a low powered FM transmitter that receives input from the computer that runs the show.   The range is approx 800 feet.

How many lights do you have?

There are close to 60,000 lights. 

How long does it take to setup the display?

We have learned a lot over the years and have been able to reduce the time down to 160 hours.  Cords are labeled, controllers stored with hardware attached and all boxes well labeled.

Where do you store it all?

With some preplanning we are able to get the entire display stored in our attics.

How many lights are on your tree in the house?
The tree has 6,000 lights and a dedicated 20amp circuit.  As a side note, my wife will not allow me to blink the lights :)

What motivates you to put up such a display?
I ask myself the same question somewhere around 120 hours and it's 10 pm while I am still out setting up the display. Then I remember two things:
 1.  Once I was asked by a little girl if I knew Santa?  I told      her yes and he helps me.

 2.  One year a senior citizens facility brought a group out to see the lights.  The bus had many veterans onboard including three WWII vets.  They were all so thankful.  I am the one that is thankful. 

Is that your voice announcing the songs?

No, Pam Almand a professional voiceover artist with national recognition is the official voice of  To hear more of Pam's work check out her website at

 How many extension cords do you use?

 We have over 5,000 feet of extension cords. 

How do you get the lights to blink to the music?

We use a product from Light-O-Rama that consists of:

·      Software to synchronize the lights to the music

·      A control box that the lights plug into, we use the 16 channel controllers

·      A wireless network that connects the computer to the controllers

How big is your electric bill?

Generally it goes up about $80.  What helps to keep the bill relatively low is the system shuts off at a preset time, no forgetting to turn lights off.  Secondly, very seldom are all the lights on at the same time.

How much did this cost?
You don't keep track and you don't tell.  It's not about the investment, it's our gift to you.

How can I get started doing this?

I would recommend two sites to become familiar with:

Both these site contain a lot of information.   The forums particularly contain the “how to’s”.  Sign-up so you can post questions.  Most everyone is happy to help a “newbie” .

How long does it take to sequence a song and what is involved to sequence a song?

It takes roughly 4 to 6 hours per minute of music.

To see some training videos of how to sequence but also animation, check out the “Using the Software – Flash Tutorials and Demos”





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