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oThis is why we do it........2012

 The display requires a lot of effort from family and friends to make it special.  At times you ask if it is worth it. When two little girls presented me this homemade card, you know it was worth it

One of Santa's Elf's here to pass out candy canes, 2012

Help for the high stuff, 2012

Just kidding.  They were in the neighborhood and just checking out the setup.

Special Visitor Christmas Eve, 2011
To our surprise on Christmas eve Santa had time to stop by to see the little ones and get last minute wishes. 

Everyone Gets Into It...............

2012 is a sad year for us.  We lost Mia this past September.  Mia would stay out with us during the setup and take down.  She even would greet visitors to the display.  She was 15 years old, had five knee surgeries and kidney disease.  Her spirit wanted to go for long walks but her body could only handle short walks.  We were often seen wheeling her around in a Christmas lit stroller during the holidays.   This Christmas will not be as bright for us.

Here comes our helping hand

Well you heard it, safety first. With so many light strings hung so high we rent a man lift to put the lights up and take down.  We are able to get all the lights up without using a ladder.  

Power Upgrade, from 200 amps to 400 amps:

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